The year is 2018

Our CULTURE work is concerned with the social worlds and cultural contexts that inform and reflect how consumers perceive your brands, products and organization. CULTURE is what gives your brands meaning and determines your relevance to consumers.

We use NETNOGRAPHY to generate unique insights into attitudes and behaviours by examining how people make sense of different topics, and the interpretive frameworks they use to do so, not just what they say.

Netnography is a qualitative mixed methodology approach that provides analysis of naturally- occurring social data (e.g. posts on social media channels, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other news/discussion sites).

We work with a diverse range of people from advertising account planners to brand strategists, as well as not-for-profit and public service organisations, both in Ireland and the UK to analyse cultural, category and consumer discourses and highlight key tensions within these discourses. These tensions represent productive areas for creative exploitation and provide a framework from which creative propositions and communications strategies can be developed.