I started QUIDDITY to continue my interest in methodologically innovative research, particularly in the use and analysis of naturally-occurring data (and especially language) in research, typically using interpretive qualitative methods such as discourse analysis and ethnography. I am interested in solving research problems through a focus on people’s attitudes, behaviour and culture in context, whatever the context.

I am particularly interested in unpacking the language of consumer identities, organisational cultures and public political discourse.

I cannot promise to solve every knotty problem you might have but I can guarantee a unique perspective.
QUIDDITY KWID-ih-tee, noun:
a : whatever makes something the type that it is : essence
b : another term for the essence of an object, literally its "whatness," or "what it is”
. c :what it is to be a thing, that is, that through which something has being as a particular kind of thing.
a : a trifling point : quibble
b : crotchet (a highly individual and usually eccentric opinion or preference), eccentricity

What is Quiddity?